Deploying a corporaexplorer app with your own data (corporaexplorerobject) to a Shiny Server or is very simple – all it takes is a folder with two files and three lines of code.

Example folder structure of the folder “my_app”:

  |-- app.R  
  |-- saved_corporaexplorerobject.rds  

Where “app.R” contains this code:

corpus <- readRDS("saved_corporaexplorerobject.rds")

The folder “my_app” is now ready to be hosted on a Shiny Server or be uploaded to

Tip 1: use the settings in the plot_options argument in explore() to fine-tune the appearance of the plots in the app.
Tip 2: to make the data load faster (at the cost of occupying more disk space), save the corporaexplorerobject created by prepare_data() uncompressed by setting compress = FALSE in saveRDS().

Example (assuming you start with a data frame called df):

corpus <- prepare_data(df)
saveRDS(corpus, "saved_corporaexplorerobject.rds", compress = FALSE)